So why would you want to be a Bucket Tees ambassador? For the same reason you might want to work at Google: being on the front lines of innovation, creating the trends instead of following them, and taking advantage of the outrageous perks. Except you're not hunched over a desk pouring your soul into the keyboard. You're out in the field with beer and puppies pouring out of the bucket, and hearts and phone numbers pouring into it.

The perks: upon acceptance into the program you will receive a Bucket Tees swag bag full of Bucket Tees gear for you and your friends. In addition to the swag bag, there will be opportunities to win incredible prizes (you know, those things you see online that would be awesome to have, but you're a guy so you're too lazy to get them yourself), some monetary gifts, and internet fame. You will have access to the newest products before they come out, fun Bucket Tees gear that will only be available to employees and ambassadors, and have a say in what future designs and products you want to see from us.

You will also gain experience in business and marketing, have mentors to bounce ideas off of and use as references, and have a unique experience to pad the old resume when you dive into corporate America. 

The job: As a Bucket Tees ambassador your job will be to spread the good word of Bucket Tees. What that actually looks like: you will receive tasks and challenges that you need to complete with flying colors. Don't worry, this isn't like hazing. Think of it more like a mix between the Bachelor, American Ninja Warrior, and America's Got Talent. You will be competing against, and working with your fellow Bucket Tees Ambassadors.

The logistics: we will be accepting applications until September 12. The program will run from late September to early December. 

Click here to download the application.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Good luck!